The Do’s And Don’ts of Scheduling to Social Media



Our dependence on technology for carrying out our daily tasks keeps increasing due to the speed with which technology helps in getting the tasks accomplished. Technology gives room for improved efficiency and social media is not left out. Little wonder social media marketers seek for means of automating their social media efforts.

Scheduling social media posts is a life-saver because it helps to save time thereby growing one’s business both online and off. Relying on social media automation tools can, however, affect one’s social media presence. We have highlighted, in this post, the best practices that should be noted as well as the bad ones that need to be avoided in scheduling your social media tasks.

The Do’s of Social Media Scheduling

• Do Schedule Your Posts Before Going On Vacation

While you are planning to go for vacation either on a beach in Hawaii or in a Five Star Hotel in Dubai, you need to know that social media do not go on vacation. You can’t dedicate the same amount of time and efforts to your social media activities while you are on vacation. Thus, you need to schedule your messages in advance so that your social media presence can be maintained.

• Do Use Social Media Automation To Fill The Gaps In Your Content Marketing

One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to is ensuring that your social media channels are not void of high quality content. Although this is a challenging task, the use of some automation tools can help in easing such tasks. You can repurpose popular contents from previous posts to help in search engine ranking and in bringing new visitors to your website.

• Do Add A Personal Touch To Your Messages

Scheduling your social media messages and activities should not replace the human feel that is expected in your messages. While spreading out your scheduled posts, ensure you add a personal touch to the messages so that they can be engaging. 

The Don’ts of Social Media Scheduling

• Don’t Include Auto DMs In Your Social Media Strategy

In most cases, auto DMs are spammy and malicious. They should, thus, not be included in your social media strategy. Instead of an auto DM, try to build a meaningful relationship with your customers by having a real conversation with them.

• Don’t Schedule The Same Message To All Networks

You need to ensure that you do not treat your scheduled messages as a “one size fits all” task. This is because each platform is different from the other. For instance, with Twitter, you have 140 character limit, Facebook gives you 63,206 character limit while you have 700 character limit with LinkedIn. Thus, the same messages should not be sent to all networks. Twitter needs clear and concise messages while for Facebook, you can include more information and image to improve engagement. The tone for LinkedIn messages must appeal to a professional audience.

• Don’t Forget To Read The Contents You’re Scheduling

RSS/Atom feeds is a social media automation feature that helps you to send articles from RSS feeds to the social media platforms that the feed is attached to. This feature helps you to have your content ready to be published on social platforms. However, for you to have the best engagement and result, ensure you align each of the RSS feeds to the strategy employed in each social network. Check the posts you send out regularly so that the inappropriate ones can be eliminated.

Following these basic steps could lead to more interaction with potential clients and followers which could lead to more business!


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